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 Top 5 @Kevin Schneider (Diciembre.2013)
Canal Solotrance 1. Basil O´Glue
Step Two
Canal Solotrance 2. Andromedha
Thoughts Become Things (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
Canal Solotrance 3. Karina Dzyuba
Canal Solotrance 4. Darkployers
Forgotten Sounds (Christopher Vassilakis Remix)
Canal Solotrance 5. Phase Difference
Utopia (Relaunch Remix)
 Top 5 @Physical Phase (Agosto.2013)
Canal Solotrance 1. Ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma-Ae
Under My Skin
Canal Solotrance 2. Physical Phase
Are You Here
Canal Solotrance 3. BT
Skylarking (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
Canal Solotrance 4. Mark Sixma
Canal Solotrance 5. Physical Phase
 Top 5 @Manuel Rocca (Julio.2013)
Canal Solotrance 1. Aly & Fila feat. Sue McLaren
Mysteries Unfold (Uplifting Mix)
Canal Solotrance 2. UDM feat. Ange
Set You Free (Manuel Rocca Remix)
Canal Solotrance 3. Aly & Fila vs Arctic Moon
Canal Solotrance 4. Manuel Rocca feat. Emily Richards
Canal Solotrance 5. Suncatcher
Midnight City
 Top 5 @DJ Pilow (Abril.2013)
Canal Solotrance 1. Darren Porter
Canal Solotrance 2. Ciro Visone
First Coming (Ian Standerwick Remix)
Canal Solotrance 3. Space Raven
The Leaving Dove
Canal Solotrance 4. Kago Pengchi & Alexan
Sagarmatha (Philippe El Sisi Remix)
Canal Solotrance 5. Ellie Lawson & Matt Bukovski
Breathe In Breathe Out (Uplifting Mix)
 Top 5 @DJ Malkavian (Marzo.2013)
Canal Solotrance 1. Aeden
Sonata (TranzLift Remix)
Canal Solotrance 2. Tucandeo
In A Moment (Intro Mix)
Canal Solotrance 3. Arman Aydin
Canal Solotrance 4. Alexandre Bergheau & Tony Nesse
Templar (Spark7 Remix)
Canal Solotrance 5. Odonbat
The wind
 Top 5 @Alberto Portillo (Febrero.2013)
Canal Solotrance 1. DJ Eco
Tonight Is Forever (Martin Roth Edit)
Canal Solotrance 2. Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle
Neptune's Project
Canal Solotrance 3. Wach
Abbey (James Dymond Remix)
Canal Solotrance 4. Specific Slice
Hope Dies Last (Intro Mix)
Canal Solotrance 5. Oen Bearen
Emas Pantai
 Top 5 @Ramon Portillo (Enero.2013)
  1. Solarstone ft. Clare Stagg
    The Spell (Pulser Mix)
  2. Quest4Trance
    The Final Prophecy (Matt Bukovski Remix)
  3. Ozo Effy
    Eve (C-Systems Remix)
  4. Daniel Kandi
    3 Strikes Ur In
  5. Astral Legacy
    Agra (Ancient Mind Remix)
 Top 5 @Luthien Vardamir (Noviembre.2012)
  1. Jon O'Bir feat. Fisher
    Found A Way (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
  2. Photographer
    Airport (Original Mix)
  3. Aly & Fila vs Roger Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe
    Perfect Love
  4. Mike Sanders
    Sunny days
  5. Gianluca Motta Feat. Molly
    Not Alone (DJorge Caballero Trance Remix)
 Top 5 @Kevin Schneider (Septiembre.2012)
  1. Basil O´Glue & Styller
  2. Rex Mundi
    Steaming Waterfalls
  3. Gai Barone
  4. Paul Matinez & Fiddler
    Atrium (Stas Drive Remix)
  5. Hector Sawiak
    Sea Of Rains
*Classic: Chance Jumpers - Hot Dog (Solesystem Progressive Mix)
 Top 5 @Alberto Portillo (Agosto.2012)
  1. Elfsong
  2. Solex
    Neverwas (Intro mix)
  3. Saints & Sinners
    Peace (Breakfast remix)
  4. Ascension
    Someone (Signum Vocal Mix)
  5. Rex Mundi
*Classic: Atlantis Ita - See You In The Next Life
 Top 5 @KliPeR (Julio.2012)
  1. Will Atkinson presents Darkboy
    Darker Shades Of Black
  2. ARS
  3. Ashley Wallbridge feat. Audrey Gallagher
    Bang The Drum (Omnia Remix)
  4. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Sylvia Tosun
    Antara (The Circle)
  5. Markus Schulz feat. Adina Butar
    Caught (Duderstadt Remix)
*Classic: Duderstadt feat. Anita Kelsey - Smile (Duende Vocal Mix)
 Top 5 @DJ Pilow (Julio.2012)
  1. The Noble Six
    Sundown In Dubai (Ahmed Romel Remix)
  2. Chris Turner and Luke Terry
    Drifting Through Darkness (Photographer Remix)
  3. DoubleV
    Perfect D (Ahmed Romel Remix)
  4. Matt Bukovski
  5. Chapter XJ
    Believe (Matt Bukovski Remix)
 Top 5 @DJkibou (Junio.2012)
  1. Orjan Nilsen
  2. Eco
  3. Emma Hewitt
    Miss You Paradise (Shogun Remix)
  4. A.R.D.I.
    Premonition (Daniel Kandi's Bigroom Mix)
  5. Ferry Corsten
    Take Me
 Top 5 @Alan Cuevas (Mayo.2012)
  1. Falcon
  2. Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange & Kerry Leva
    In And Out Of Phase
  3. Omar Verone
    Ka'a Siijil (Cosmic Heaven Remix)
  4. Alex Wright
    By Chance
  5. Estigma
    Renovatio (Dimension Remix)
 Top 5 @DJ Sergi (North Trance) (Mayo.2012)
  1. Wezz Devall
    Kill Of The Year
  2. Lee Osborne
    On The Edge
  3. Armin Van Buuren & Orjan Nilsen
  4. Michael Dow
  5. Paul Oakenfold
    Glow In The Dark
 Top 5 @John Feel (Abril.2012)
  1. Woody van Eyden
    10,5 (Thomas Datts Full 11 Remix)
  2. New World
    Boundless Light (Emotional Mix)
  3. Matt Skyer
    Throwing Swords
  4. Matt Skyer
  5. Alex MORPH & Protoculture
    Waking Up The Stars
 Top 5 @Angel Esteban (Abril.2012)
  1. Envotion
    Recoder (Original Mix)
  2. Osiris
    Believe (Planisphere Remix)
  3. Karpin Zambrano
    Infected (Original Mix / Panic Echo Ep)
  4. Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic
    Sounds Are Deeply On Surface (Airwave Remix)
  5. John 00 Fleming
    The 10th Life (Original Mix)
 Top 5 @Daniel Vondavis (Marzo.2012)
  1. Gareth Emery feat Christina Novelli
    Concrete Angel (John O'Callaghan Remix)
  2. Craig Connelly
    Robot Wars (Andrew Rayel Stadium Remix)
  3. James Dymond
    Signify (Original Mix)
  4. Delta3
    The Dream (Original Mix)
  5. Armin Van Buuren pres. Gaia
    J'ai Envie De Toi (Original Mix)
 Top 5 @DJ Pilow (Marzo.2012)
  1. Orkidea - Unity (Solarstone's Pure Mix)
  2. Sergey Nevone & Simon O'Shine - Balearic Island
  3. Ehren Stowers - Defender
  4. Monada - Turbulence
  5. Vast Vision - Black Shores
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